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Jewellery Care guide

Everything you find in my shop is made using the best materials, either sterling silver or gold, and where required Hallmarked from the Birmingham Assay office for your guarantee.

Silver and gold are natural materials that over time will tarnish and dull, this is because it is reacting to the environment and chemicals in the air and on our skin. It does not mean your jewellery is faulty, it just means it needs a little clean and to be stored correctly.

Gold and silver jewellery care - top tips

#1 Clean your jewellery regularly. Clean soapy water and a soft brush such as an old toothbrush is perfect to get into hard to reach places. Thoroughly dry your jewellery once cleaned, water can accelerate tarnish so it is important to keep dry at all times.

A polishing cloth will be included with all orders, this is impregnated with cleaner to remove tarnish and restore the metals natural lustre.

These cloths are readily available to purchase from supermarkets and online for your long term jewellery maintenance.


#2 Remove jewellery before showering and bathing, and whatever you do, do not go swimming or in a hot tub wearing jewellery. Chlorine is very damaging to jewellery and will require professional cleaning if worn in a pool.


#3 Avoid contact with household chemicals such as cleaners, perfumes or lotions. Remove all jewellery before applying hand cream or lotions and never spray perfume on or near your jewellery. These will accelerate tarnishing and damage porous stones such as pearls.


#4 Do not wear your jewellery whilst gardening or at the gym. Accidents happen and silver and gold will pick up scratches easily if proper care is not given. Perspiration can also speed up the rate of tarnish as the oils in your skin react to the metal.


#5 If the jewellery item is not to be worn everyday keep safe and secure in a box separate to other jewellery items to avoid getting tangled or scratched.

A zip lock bag is an excellent way to store your jewellery, cheap and airtight your jewellery should look new for longer. Acid free tissue can also be used to wrap jewellery to keep safe.

Do not store jewellery on windowsills, in the bathroom or next to radiators. Direct sunlight, damp or hot conditions will increase tarnishing.

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