November 11, 2022

Modern Heirlooms – Special Jewellery Gifts

Special jewellery gifts advice

This Christmas more than ever I am planning to try to buy my loved ones something that is special and thoughtful that will be treasured for a life time – that’s an ethos I think we can all get behind whether we have a budget of £100’s or need to DIY a gift on a shoe string. Buying an heirloom gift that will bring joy far beyond the big day, hopefully it will last a life time and beyond!

I thought I’d share a few tips about how to find special jewellery gifts that will be cherished, sure these tips are focused on jewellery but the same thinking and approach can be used for everything – it’s about the ethos, not the physical thing

Quality, not quantity

In my opinion buying someone multiple cheaper gifts is a big mistake, firstly – they probably could and would have bought them for themselves anyway if they had wanted them, secondly – you can actually end up spending a fortune without realising it.

How many times have you been asked what you got for Christmas and you struggle to remember? I bet if you had received fewer, more meaningful gifts you would have remembered, and been able to talk about them in detail!

Instead, setting your self a budget and buying 1 (or maybe 2!) special, thoughtful gifts are much more likely to bring long lasting joy, you’ll end up buying something that they wouldn’t have treated themselves to, something that is a bit of an indulgence, a slice of luxury.

Whatever your budget you can apply this logic, if you have a budget of £100’s perhaps look for some unique Gold jewellery, if you have a smaller budget then you can find something that has significant meaning without blowing the bank (more on this later!)

Special jewellery gifts - cufflinks special jewellery gifts personalised tie clips

Go for classics, not latest trends/fads

If you want something that is going to be treasured for a life time, you need to look for a classic. Don’t go for the latest trend or fad, no one will still be treasuring their air fryer in 20 years time, but you might still be wearing that watch you got for your 18th birthday, or those earrings you wore on your wedding day.

My range of jewellery focuses on timeless classics, inspired by art deco design and geometric shapes, the piece I create are intended to be timeless, this is key to finding something that will stand the test of time.

Special jewellery gifts classic earrings Special jewellery gifts signet rings

Special Jewellery Gifts should have versatility

In my opinion, this is the most important tip. You could blow the budget and buy an incredible piece of statement jewellery with oodles of drama and impact, but how often can you imagine them wearing it? If it will be reserved only for glamorous balls and red carpet walks then it wont be enjoyed very often (unless you happen to be buying for an A-list celebrity!!).

You need to find a balance and pick a versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn in different ways, dressed up or down, or simply becomes the signature staple worn, day in day out no matter the occasion.

Special jewellery gifts layering necklace special jewellery gifts versatile climber earrings

Look for something rare or unique

Simply by having but more effort into finding something will give it more meaning when you gift it, whether you’ve sort out a little independent shop that you knew they liked, personalised a design to give it a unique or hidden meaning or you’ve tracked down a piece that they mentioned months of years prior – its going to show you care, and just how much effort you put in to finding them the gift. It’s not really about how much you spend, it's about how much thought went into it.

Here's my final thoughts on things to look for:

  • Small quantity makes – rare and irreplaceable rather than mass produced fast fashion
  • Interesting personalisations – look for something more than just their initial, secret hidden meanings can mean a lot more than platitudes and names
  • Something that celebrates them – something tied in with their unique story
  • Unusual designs, handmade pieces

Whatever it is that you are looking for to surprise your loved one with, I hope you manage to find the perfect gift and spark a big smile on the special day.

Thanks for reading!

- Laura