September 16, 2022

A Capsule Jewellery Collection

Capsule jewellery collection

This week I decided to challenge myself to curate a capsule collection of jewellery from my range, a small selection of pieces that will mean you have the perfect accessory for every occasion. I've written this blog to tell you all about capsule collections, why are they are so great and how you can create your own, I've also dotted pictures of my own choices throughout the post to give you some inspiration!

First up – What is a capsule jewellery collection?

The phrase ‘capsule wardrobe’ is common place when talking about clothing, and the exact same principles can be applied to your jewellery collection, but what is a capsule collection?

Essentially it is a considered selection of versatile jewellery pieces that will have you covered for any event or occasion the world throws at you:

  • Interchangeable and can be worn together or alone
  • Pieces to suit any occasion, from a lazy Sunday morning to the fanciest of balls
  • Classic pieces that wont go out of style
  • Quality not quantity
  • In a nutshell it is the opposite of ‘fast fashion’

Capsule clothing collections get a lot of focus, but I think the ethos is even more important when it comes to jewellery. Not many of us can afford to create vast collections of silver and gold jewellery, so picking a few quality pieces that you will wear time and time again is really important. Not to mention a modest but highly considered collection of jewellery can simplify your life and give you the confidence that you will have something for every occasion or mood.

 Capsule Jewellery Collection facts

Why create a capsule collection?

Trying to create a capsule jewellery collection can be tricky, but the benefits are huge…

  • Create a signature style - create a look that is undeniably ‘you’
  • Simplify your mental effort / or reduce ‘decision fatigue’. Are you someone who gets stressed trying to figure out what to wear? Do the planning up front so that you can relax next time you are invited to the next big event, have the confidence that you have something for every occasion that will make you feel effortlessly glamourous.
  • Sustainability, avoid the environmental downfall of fast fashion and the mentality of wearing things once. Focus on Quality, not Quantity.
  • More joy – investing time and resources into making sure you pick the perfect piece for your jewellery will bring you more joy when you buy it and again each and every time you wear them
Why capsule jewellery collections are good

    How to create a capsule jewellery collection

    I’ve included some key things to think about when assembling your jewellery capsule collection, but my first and most important bit of advice is – don’t try to create it all at once, build the collection over time when you find things that bring you joy, but make sure that you are mindful of the collection as a whole every time something shiny takes your fancy!

    • Look for pieces that are multi use – can they be worn different ways like my Fan climber earrings? Stacking rings are fab for this, you can mix and match and stack them high for a more boho style or wear individual rings on there own for elegant simplicity
    • Don’t sacrifice your style, capsule jewellery collections should not be boring, you shouldn’t be looking for ‘run of the mill’. They actually offer you an opportunity to really ‘lean in’ to a specific style or vibe – like I said earlier, find pieces that are ‘undeniably you’ and match your signature style.
    • Find pieces that compliment each other and can be worn together or alone, 2 or 3 necklaces that work both individually or layered up together will give you so many different looks, and being able to pair them with some complimentary earrings gives you more options too
    • Find pieces that can be dressed up or down, think about the kinds of occasions you are likely to attend, jewellery can be really versatile and can take on a completely different look when dressed up or down, make sure the pieces you choose don’t only ever come out of the jewellery box for Weddings or Bar Mitzvahs.
    • You could decide to choose a specific metal, create a collection of gold jewellery, silver, or maybe rose gold is your thing. There’s no rules, and you know I love to combine metals so it is really up to you.

    Finally – and another key rule be mindful of what pieces make you feel good. If you feel good when you put it on then that’s a sure sign that it is going to get worn often. If you put it on and it puts a spring in your step, gets your shoulders back and ready to take on the day, then it is a VERY good sign. More pieces like that in your capsule jewellery collection will ensure you have an empowering collection of jewellery that you will feel great in whenever you wear it.

    Capsule Jewellery Collection Tips

    Designing Jewellery With The Capsule Collection Ethos

    The spirit of a capsule collection is right at the heart of everything I design and make, all my jewellery is designed to be treasured and worn often. There’s no point in buying a special piece and then keeping it reserved for special occasions. I love making pieces that can be worn for a special occasion but treasured and worn for a life time afterwards, jewellery that evokes a memory is priceless and most importantly, they make you feel special every time you wear them.

    My Capsule Jewellery Collection

    Now that you’ve read all about capsule jewellery collections, do you want to know what I picked? I have tried to create a collection of versatile pieces that can be dressed up, or dressed down to suit any event, whether its attending a wedding, partying the night away - or going for a lazy brunch the next morning afternoon.

    I’ve looked for pieces that go with everything, workwear, weekends, parties, or can simply bring a touch of luxury to your everyday and never be taken off! Take a look at the gallery below, or shop the range here 

    Jewellery capsule collection signet ring Pearl stacking rings for any occasion Gold hoop earrings Necklace for capsule collection Pendant necklace for capsule jewellery collection Pendant necklace for capsule jewellery collection statement stud earrings for jewellery capsule collection Drop earrings for capsule jewellery collection

    It was very difficult to narrow it down but I’m pleased with my choices and I think this would make a versatile selection of jewellery with something for just about any occasion.

    The thing is, that my choices are probably completely different to yours – I’m afraid I can’t pick them for you, but I’d love to hear from you about a particular piece or pieces that you own which are a key staple in your own capsule jewellery collection.

    - Laura