Ring Sizing Guide - 5 ways to measure your ring finger.

February 16, 2018

Ring measuring guide

The most difficult thing about buying a handmade ring online is being sure you are getting the size correct, so here are 5 simple ways of finding your ring size and my tips on getting it right.

5 ways to measure your ring size

  1. Using a printable ring sizer…

The most inaccurate and my least favourite of them all. The internet is full of printable ring charts that you can lay an old ring over and find your ring size. Seems easy and straight forward, and perfect if you are trying to buy a gift for someone without them becoming suspicious.  BUT the trouble with these charts are that sometimes your printer will scale the chart when printing, giving you an inaccurate reading.

Therefore it is really important to measure the circles and scale to confirm whether you are getting an accurate reading.

If you do use one of these charts, you are looking for the closest match to the inside of the ring, ignoring the thickness of the ring band, this is very important to get an accurate reading.

 Ring size guide

  1. Using belt sizers…

These simple belt sizers wrap around the ring finger and tighten like a belt for a comfortable fit. You can then test by pulling it over the knuckles to ensure it is a secure fit without being difficult to get on and off. Your correct size is indicated by the arrow.

 These belt ring sizers are available to purchase in my shop, but again come with a warning on accuracy. It is important to try and keep the belt circular, it is often easy to squash the belt around the finger, distorting the circular shape, which in turn would give an inaccurate size reading.

Also the thickness of the ring you are hoping to buy may be very different to the thickness on the belt sizer, making it difficult to decide what a comfortable fit is, if this is the case, get in touch and I will do my best to advise.

These sizers are best to give an approximate reading, and I am always happy to resize a ring from my shop for you after purchase if it is not quite right.

  1. Measure an existing ring.

Similar to using a paper chart this method is not entirely accurate, but if you are trying to by a surprise gift it’s a good option to get an approximate size. Again, I am always happy to resize my rings, so you can always send it back for alterations after the surprise if needed.

You need to make sure you are measuring the inside diameter of the ring, this is very important. You need to be sure you are measuring from the two widest points of the ring and you are as accurate to the nearest 0.00mm as you can be.

The chart below will help to find the corresponding ring size to your inside diameter measurement.


  1. Visit a local jewellers…

By far the easiest and most accurate way to get measured is to visit a local jeweller, whether it be a high street chain or a small independent there will be someone there who is trained to advise you on your perfect fit.

Not ideal for internet shopping I realise, and very difficult if you are looking for a gift, but this is always going to be your most accurate sizing method.

You could always sneak an old ring out of the recipient’s collection and take it to a local jeweller to measure it for you, my only tip would be to try and find a ring that is similar to the design you are looking for, and to make sure the finger they usually wear it on is one they would wear your new ring on too.

 Finding your correct ring size

    1. The way I was taught at university…

      This is the method I was taught during my degree in jewellery and silversmithing at Birmingham School of Jewellery.
        • Using a small piece of wire (a flattened out a paper clip works), make a loop, as round as possible.

        • Side the loop on and off the finger and twist the wire to tighten gradually until you find a comfortable fit, taking into account your knuckles

        • Slide off the ring and snip open.

        • Flatten out the loop

        • Measure the length of the wire you have just flattened out to find out the circumference of your finger.

        • Now just use the chart above to find which ring size corresponds with your measure circumference.


      So there you go, 5 ways to find your perfect ring size, I do hope you find it useful.

      If you would like to see my full range of rings please take a look here or browse below.


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