March 04, 2022

A guide to Mother's day jewellery gifts

Mothers Day jewellery gifts


Mothers day is just round the corner so I thought I'd write a short guide to Mother's day jewellery gifts - I hope I can spark a little mothers day inspiration for you and help you come up with some mothers day jewellery ideas!

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to Mums, there are no rules, its 2022 and your Mother figure can be your Dad, your sister, your auntie or you best friend and their tastes and styles can be wildly different! So this year I want to celebrate some of the different kinds of mum that I can think of - definitely share with me your own take.

So here we go...

Mother's day Jewellery gifts for 'The New Mum'

That first mothers day is definitely one to mark with something symbolic to treasure, perhaps a personalised mothers day necklace or bracelet? One of my most popular designs is this new mum bracelet that can be personalised with initials. The tiny baby feet design also features on other personalised new mum jewellery in my collection

Special jewellery for mum Mothers day baby feet necklace footprint bangle


I have a range of other jewellery items that can be personalised to celebrate such an exciting milestone, some have a more subtle symbolism such as this Silver Heart Necklace - you can choose a number of hearts to represent each of her children. For a full celebration of this milestone my Baby Statistic Necklace makes the perfect 1st mothers day gift.

Mothers day heart necklace baby statistic necklace

Mother's day can be a great time to celebrate the special bond you have with your mum with a symbolic gift or some personalised mothers day jewellery. However it can also be the perfect excuse to treat your mum and show that you know her style with some special jewellery for mum.

Special jewellery for Mum - 'The Unmumsy Mum'

At the other end of the spectrum you have your mums that are proudly 'unmumsy', a mothers day gift for an unmumsy mum should celebrate their style, a gift that will be cherished because it shows you know what they like!

If your mum is into art deco jewellery then take a look at my Silver Art Deco Stud Earrings. For Mums who are fans of minimalist geometric jewellery my Silver Star Stud Earrings - they are perfect as they can mix and matched with so many different styles

art deco earrings for mum mum star stud earrings 

The Trendsetter Mum

Is your mum cooler than you? Mine definitely is! If your mum is where you get your style tips from then you are going to have your work cut out finding the right jewellery for her. Have a rummage through her jewellery box when she isn't looking and take a look for some inspiration. For an eclectic mum pick something that can be coordinated with lots of different looks or something that can be mixed and matched so that your mum can get inventive with it, a great idea for this is stacking rings - she can add to them over time and create her own look!

Stacking rings for mum


There's no real shortcut to taking a look around at a range of different designs to see if inspiration strikes! At the end of the day she will love receiving something surprising that shows you have made the effort to find her something a little different to the norm.

9ct gold drop earrings for mum Mum celestial ring mum hoop earrings pearl earrings for mum Rose gold ring for mum

The Edgy Mum

For mum's who break the mould a piece of simple jewellery isn't going to cut the mustard, you are going to have to take a chance and buy something brave, one of my most popular designs that has a more edgy look is my Spike Creole Hoops, with the sharp lines it has a striking look while still being comfortable to wear regularly. Another popular design that might fit the bill are my Sterling Silver Climber Earrings (also available in Plated 18ct Gold)

 Edge earrings for mum climber earrings for mum

The 'always steals my outfits' Mum

Is your mum young at heart? Is she always stealing your clothes or jewellery? This should be celebrated - buy her something that you would love, maybe you could get one each and work up a rota for who can wear it!! Seriously though, this is an open goal, if she loves your style then buy something that you love yourself.

The Chic Mum

There is something that will always make someones eyes light up - GOLD! 9ct Gold jewellery can be the perfect thing to bring some everyday luxury to the sophisticated mum. You want it to be something that can be worn regularly so I would avoid something overtly 'mum' and go for something that is subtle and can easily be combined with other pieces, a pair of 9ct gold mum earrings such as my brand new 9ct gold geometric shape jewellery is perfect - everyday luxury that can be coordinated with so many looks. If you are looking for a 9ct gold mum necklace, then good news - this design is also available as a pendant necklace.

9ct gold mum necklace

The Unstoppable Mum

Is your mum your rock? Is she the one you turn to in times of need, and she will always pop the kettle on and tell you what you need to hear? Then you need some special jewellery for mum. Hoop earrings symbolise strength and empowerment, take a look at my range of mum hoop earrings for designs that can be incorporated into any mums style. Triangles can also symbolise power and strength, so may also be suitable for your unstoppable mum!

Mum hoop earrings Triangle necklace for mum


Thanks for taking a look at my mothers day gift guide, I hope it sparked some inspiration, a big happy Mothers day to all those Mums out there!