August 30, 2022

A one of a kind necklace reignites my passion for creating Workshop Originals

A one of a kind necklace


Workshop Originals

OK ok ok... so there hasn't been a Workshop Original for a couple of months, I'm sorry. July and August were super busy, both life and work got away from me a little and creating a new one of a kind piece got neglected.

I'm going to be honest I was starting to lose enthusiasm for my Workshop Originals project, my last piece didn't find an owner and I lost my confidence a little, it started to feel like a chore that I was putting further down my to-do list.

Until NOW!

I'm really pleased to say that my passion for the project has been reignited and I have never been more excited about it, far from begrudgingly putting it to the top of my to do list, it has been my obsession for the last week or 2.

Here's a quick reminder of how it works and then read on to see why I am so eager and focussed on the next release!

Unique handmade jewellery

A one of a kind necklace finds the perfect home

So, why the renewed passion for Workshop Originals? Let me tell you...

If you were really super eagle eyed you may have spotted that one of my Workshop Original pieces was on display at Art in The Park last month. The 'Onyx Pendant'. I made this one of a kind necklace back in Spring 2022 and it hadn't sold by the time I had launched the next months Workshop Original so I'd put it back in to my stock drawer and forgot about it for a few months. When I was preparing for my latest art show in Leamington Spa I pulled it out, fell in love with it again and put it on display. It sat there for most of the weekend getting a few nice comments but no takers, I started to get a bit downhearted about it, worrying if it was destined for the scrap pot.

Late on Sunday afternoon a lady visited my stand, she was having a good look at the Onyx Pendant and we began talking, I commented on the beautiful necklace she was wearing and she told me her late husband had bought it as a surprise gift after seeing her eyes light up when she spotted it at a local gallery.

After a little more perusing my jewellery stand she told me that she loved the Onyx Pendant and that she knew that her husband would have bought it for her had he still been here - with a gleeful smile she decided to buy it for herself, what better way to celebrate her late husband's kindness, generosity and excellent gift giving ability!

My enthusiasm for Workshop Originals came flooding back

The experience made my heart swell, I realised that this necklace was destined for her, I needn't have worried that it didn't sell when I released it, it was waiting for the right person to own it, treasure it and bring them joy.

I'm going to remind myself to stop worrying whether each piece sells in the first 10 minutes and focus on the creative process. Each piece is just waiting for the right person, whether that is in 10 minutes, or 10 years.

So this week you will mainly find me at the bench working through the many stages of the creative process

- Laura

Handmade unique jewellery