May 26, 2022

Cufflinks for Dad. A Fathers Day Cufflinks Gift Guide.

Cufflinks for dad - a gift guide

My range of cufflinks are really popular this time of year, with lots of lucky Dads soon to receive a pair of cufflinks for Fathers Day in June. I’ve written this short blog to give some tips advice on finding the perfect cufflinks for Dad. Read on for my Fathers Day cufflinks gift guide…

Cufflinks for Dad that match his style

First and foremost you want to try and find something that matches his style. Take a look at my full range of cufflinks so see if you can see something that reminds you of your Dad’s style. A lot of designs are really versatile and are well suited to everyday wear, or for big occasions/events. I have designs that are plain silver, and a number of Silver and Black cufflinks that have a beautiful contrast with a more unique look.

Sterling silver cufflinks for Dad Art deco style cufflinks for Dad Silver & black cufflinks for Dad


As with all my jewellery it is intended to be treasured, but more than anything it is designed to be worn regularly, finding a pair of cufflinks that matches your Dad style is the first step to ensuring this is the case.

Personalised cufflinks for Dad - Monograms

Many cufflinks can be personalised, the most classic personalisation is definitely a monogram, if you are keen on some personalised cufflinks for Dad, I have a range of designs that feature a monogram.

Monogram cufflinks for Dad 


You can choose from hand stamped monogram cufflinks, or cufflinks that feature initials with a raised design – this is one of my most popular designs and is available in 3 different finishes: Silver, silver and black, and all black.

Monogram cufflinks for fathers day Silver initial cufflinks for fathers day Black cufflinks for fathers day

More personalised cufflinks for Dad ideas

Personalisations can go much further than simple initials, my most popular designs can feature messages, coordinates, and even little ‘stick families

message cufflinks for dad my family cufflinks for dad Coordinate dad cufflinks


When considering a personalisation, think about what your Dad likes to wear, a personalisation is perfect for some Dad’s who will proudly wear a pair of cufflinks which feature his children’s names or a message of love. Other Dad’s may prefer a subtler look, the perfect thing for this is some secret message cufflinks where the personalisation is on the reverse and only known to them – the perfect way to add a heartfelt message to a pair of cufflinks that can be worn every day. 

New Dad Cufflinks

A Dad’s first Fathers day is a special one, a pair of new dad cufflinks might be the perfect momento and they will be treasured and worn for years to come. My foot print cufflinks are the perfect way to celebrate a new Dad and can be personalised with the initials of your child, or I have an alternative design that can have a message such as the child's name added to the reverse.

foot print cufflinks for Dad New Dad cufflinks

Celebrate his hobby

Find something that celebrates his hobby, find cufflinks for cyclists, cufflinks for Bikers, or cufflinks for petrol heads in my collection, they all celebrate your Dads hobby and can be personalised with a thoughtful message on the reverse.

cufflinks for cyclists Biker dad cufflinks Cufflinks for car fan

Consider a matching tie clip for Dad

If you are looking for a little extra, you can match the cufflinks with a tie clip for Dad that creates a coordinated set.

Cufflinks with tie clip for Dad


Whatever you go for, my main tip is to pick something that matches your Dad’s style, an eccentric style should be matched with some eccentric cufflinks, a more reserved style should be treated accordingly, think about where your Dad is likely to wear these most often and look for something that matches the occasion/workplace.

I hope you find something your Dad will love and have some fabulous Fathers Day celebrations!

- Laura