May 10, 2022

NEW Art Deco Sunburst Jewellery - in Laura's words

Art Deco Sunburst Jewellery

Laura's Art Deco Sunburst Jewellery collection is here

Hi – Mike here, to celebrate the launch of the new Sunburst collection I have ‘interviewed’ Laura to find out in her own words her thoughts on her brand new range, the ‘Sunburst Collection’. Here’s what she said:

Can you describe the new Sunburst Jewellery range in your own words?

"The range has lots of different pieces that are perfect for different occasions but to try and sum them up I would say they are: bold statement pieces with a classic Art Deco Sunburst motif. Simple but eye catching pieces that are intended to be worn regularly and last a lifetime."

9ct gold art deco necklaces silver and black stud earrings silver and 9ct gold handmade cufflinks 9ct gold stud earrings small art deco stud earrings silver and black eye necklace Statement stud earrings handmade gold necklace handmade gold stud earrings

With this range, or any new range, where do you start?

"Inspiration can come from anywhere, I might see a pattern, or a shape that I like or even a jewellery making technique I want to try out. When inspiration strikes I might get out my sketch book and do some drawings but most often I get straight to my workbench and start working with the metal and see where the inspiration takes me.

With this this collection the starting point was very much a 2D pattern, but I wanted to get it made into metal quickly so that I could get a feel for how it could be adapted to a 3D piece.

The 2D pattern (the sunburst motif) was the key inspiration behind the range, the motif reminds me of the art deco architecture, such as the arches of the Chrysler building, at other times it reminds me of an explosion of light with lines emanating outwards."

jewellery designer working in sketch book laser engraved art deco motif on sheet of silver

How long has it taken you to create this new range?

"Too long! Well over 12 months, as a small business owner there’s not always enough time to experiment. Lots of ideas sit unfinished, as frustrating as this can be, sometimes it can be a blessing, once I’ve sat with an idea for a while it can build and build and I end up with something much better than if I had tried to create it in a single day or week. This range has been a labour of love, I have kept coming back to it over the last year, and each time I’ve been increasingly excited about getting it finished and out there!"

art deco sunburst jewellery modelled

What was the light bulb moment?

"When I first oxidised a piece and then polished it back and it revealed the striking contrast that really accentuated the sunburst motif, I was grinning from ear to ear. Then when I saw them being photographed on the model, I was just so blown away with the finished look, I could finally see it being worn as it should be and I was so proud of it."

Silver and Black necklace

Which is your favourite piece?

"It’s a tough call between the large statement stud earrings in Black & Silver, I think they are striking, combined with a simple outfit they are perfect for everyday impact. A close second would be the 9ct Gold Ellipse pendant, I love how the Sunburst motif has taken on a completely different look when set on an ellipse, I can imagine layering it up with other favourite necklaces to create a really unique look."

Statement stud earrings 9ct gold eye necklace

You seem to be enjoying exploring the aesthetic of laser engraved pieces, is there more to come?

"Yes! Hopefully it won’t take me another 18 months now that you are here to do all my admin/make the tea. But yes, I already have some other pieces in the works for this range (rings, bracelets and necklaces), watch this space!"

9ct gold art deco necklace

Laura’s latest range the ‘Sunburst Collection’ is available to buy now, it features various pieces all featuring the distinctive sunburst motif. Designs are available in Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold. Sign up to the newsletter to make sure you are the first to know about brand new ranges and receive exclusive offers, or head over to Instagram to see what Laura is up to with images and videos showing how her jewellery is made.

Thanks for reading!

- Mike