Louy Magroos about me - jeweller and silversmith

Handmade Jewellery Designer

Handmade jewellery is my passion, the idea that creating something with my hands that will be worn forever, become a cherished keepsake, and passed down to future generations is something I will never get tired of.

For me, hand-making jewellery is a way to forge a memory or meaning into metal, whether is it something you wear everyday, or a special keepsake to commemorate your most important life moments.

Handmade silver jewellery

Traditionally handmade

My jewellers bench is where every piece comes to life, it bears the scars of every saw mark and drilled hole, file scuff and solder scorch, it tells the story of where my ideas become wearable pieces that will last a lifetime.

Everyday jewellery

Jewellery to be worn

I want my jewellery to be worn, not hidden inside a jewellery box. Little pieces of everyday luxury, jewellery that is to be enjoyed and that becomes a part of you and your story.

About Louy Magroos

About me

I am a UK Jewellery designer, I run Louy Magroos from my workshop in the West Midlands, a stones throw from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Mum to Evie, Wife to Mike and Best Bud to Bruce the dog.

I do my best work with a cup of tea on my bench, although it often goes cold when I get into the zone working on new designs.

And when I am not working you will find me outside walking Bruce, pottering in my greenhouse, or curled up under a blanket knitting.

Art Deco Inspired Jewellery

What inspires me

1920’s Art Deco design has always been a huge inspiration for me. Geometric shapes, bold contrasts and sleek silhouettes are often found in my designs. The decadence of the Art Deco era which embraced simplicity, and celebrated the purest of shapes, but didn’t compromise on quality are big influences in my work.

Louy Magroos handmade jewellery


I studied at the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery, and graduated with a First Class Hons Degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2008. Since then I have completed various short courses to further my training and I am always learning through practice. The best part of being a silversmith is there is always more to learn, new skills to hone and new techniques to master.

Jewellers workshop

My favourites to make

My favourite pieces are those that mean the most to the customer, whether it is special gift for a big occasion or to mark an important milestone in their lives. Sometimes the simplest of designs are my favourite because I know they will be worn forever.

A simple combination of skinny stacking rings, or a pair of silver cufflinks with bold contrasts and simple lines.

I love to add personalisation to many of my designs, making them unique to the wearer, helping them to celebrate important life moments with jewellery that become treasured keepsakes.

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