September 29, 2022

Introducing my Silver Wing Jewellery Collection

Silver Wing Jewellery

My New Silver Wing Jewellery Collection is Here

I am very excited to announce that my latest brand new range is here and available to buy now. The three pieces in this range all feature the same wing form as the focal point. I say 'Wing', but everyone I show it to sees something different, from wings, to feathers, to sea horses to flamingos! Whatever you see I hope you love the sharp clean lines, organic curves and the chunky look of these new pieces, they are quite different to my previous designs. Read on to find out more about the creation of these pieces.

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A Long Time in the Making

They say you can't rush creativity and that was definitely the case for these designs, would you believe I first started them over 2 and half years ago! We were in the midst of the first covid lockdown and I would steal myself away in the workshop and give myself some time to be creative. I took part in the Vanilla Ink C/O/N/N/E/C/T challenge where the super talented Scott ran a challenge for a bunch of jewellery designer makers. Each week Scott would send out a brief for an imaginary customer and we would have fun creating pieces and exploring our creativity. It was a great way to get some focus at a time when everything was crazy and no one knew what was going on. I'm so grateful that Scott set these challenges and created a community that supported each other and cheered each other on at a time when things were very difficult. Not to mention he taught me and inspired me to begin wax carving - a skill I had rarely attempted in my jewellery making prior to this.

The Design Process

Take a look at the brief that was the initial spark that lead to these new designs being added to my collection a mere 2 1/2 years later...

Feather wax carving brief

I sketched out some designs and began carving the wax, the piece that is now the focal point of my latest designs just came to life at the workbench over a matter of a couple of hours. I fell in love with the piece straight away. I love the clean sharp lines that flow over an organic, natural curve.


Silver wing jewellery wax carving Silver wing jewellery on the bench silver wing jewellery wax carving silver wing jewellery wax carving   

However... after the initial flurry of creativity the wax carving was left to languish in a drawer for some time before I eventually returned to it and got it cast on solid sterling silver. 

silver wing jewellery casting sterling silver wing jewellery

Creating Finished Pieces

Now it was time to experiment with turning this into some wearable jewellery pieces. I have been wanting to add more bracelets to my range so this was my first thought.

Wing jewellery for bracelet

I curved the wing form to fit comfortably around the wrist and then started to get carried away looking at options for chains. In the end I opted for this statement chunky chain which is called 'kings pattern'. I love it, its a step away from the normal 'dainty' chains I use in my jewellery and I think it is well balanced with the wing design and matches and enhances the overall look. Take a closer look and buy the bracelet here.

I completed the piece by borrowing from a previous range I designed (the sunburst range) and used the sunburst engraved ellipse to create a truly unique and effective clasp. The ellipse feeds through the loop of the wing and pulls flat to hold the bracelet securely on the wearers wrist.

Sterling silver feather bracelet

Next up I knew I wanted to create a necklace. I immediately knew that the same kings pattern chain would work really well to create a chunky statement necklace (buy it here), but I also experimented with thinner chains on which I could hang the wing form as a pendant. I really liked the look when it was hung on a longer chain and decided I would offer the design in a choice of lengths depending on the style the wearer is going for. I love the pendant necklace, it can be worn alone or layered up with other pieces, the wearer can really make it there own and incorporate it into their style

Sterling silver feather necklace feather pendant necklace

I hope you like my new designs, take a look at them here and let me know what you think!

I'm so pleased with these 3 pieces, I should not have left it over 2 years to get them ready to show you, I promised to try and bring you more newness very soon!

Thanks for reading

- Laura