June 24, 2022

Everyday Timeless Jewellery Classics

Everyday timeless jewellery classics


I am all about curating a collection of everyday timeless jewellery classics in the pieces I design and make. Well chosen pieces that will get worn again and again, never go out of style and coordinate with lots of different looks.

I thought I’d share my favourite pieces that sit firmly in the ‘classics’ category. These pieces can be worn with so many different looks, worn alone for simple sophistication, or combined with other pieces to create a bigger statement look. Of course they all have a Louy Magroos twist, a unique look that is a little bit special and sure to draw the eye and attract lovely compliments!

Stunning Everyday Stud Earrings

First up – 2 pairs of small earrings that are comfortable and can be worn every day, but have beautiful details that stand out from the crowd.

This classic pair of small hoop earrings, wear alone for elegant simplicity or if you have multiple ear piercings team them up with other earrings to create your own unique look. These earrings have been forged using traditional techniques, creating beautiful curves and facets that are simple and elegant. Available in Sterling Silver or 9ct Yellow Gold

Everyday stud earrings     Sterling silver hoop earrings

My second earring selection are these small round stud earrings with an art deco motif. A great pair of every day stud earrings that you can put in and forget you are wearing them. Available in Gold, Silver or Silver & Black. These small studs feature an art deco motif that is really accentuated in the Silver & Black version. Certain to be worn regularly, the intricate detailing of the art deco motif brings something a little extra to a relatively minimalist design and turns the every day into something a little special.

Art deco stud earrings    simple stud earrings 

Unique Everyday Rings For Women

Finding unique rings that can be incorporated into your every day style can be tricky, I’ve picked out 2 completely different options that fit the bill in a very different way.

A classic signet ring is the perfect staple in your collection, a signet ring is such a timeless classic it can be mixed and matched with any style, perfect for wear every day no matter what look you are going for – as well suited to beach wear as a ball gown signet rings can be worn whatever the occasions. I love my signet rings, I hand carved the design in wax and then cast the rings in sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold, they make the perfect every day rings for women. I’ve also added versions with an art deco motif or personalised with an initial for an even more unique look.

Sterling silver signet rings    Everyday rings for women
initial signet rings    patterned signet ring

In a completely different take – why not go for a set of stacking rings such as these pearl stacking rings. The beauty of stacking rings is that you can create different looks and mix it up on different days. Combine with other stacking rings in your collection to create a combination completely unique to you, or wear one of them alone for a delicate look, the possibilities are endless!

Pearl stacking rings

A Timeless Necklace

Finding the perfect necklace for everyday wear is all about finding the perfect balance, a big statement necklace is likely to suited best to big special occasions and be the focal point of you look, but conversely you don’t want to go too simple and subtle with something that completely blends in to the background.

I think my silver and black necklace with sunburst motif strikes the perfect balance. It is impactful with a beautiful silver and black contrast and an eye catching motif, but in a versatile size that can be worn alone for a subtler more simple style, or combined with other layering necklaces to create a show-stopping look. The art deco motif is a classic style that can be combined with so many different looks and styles. Also available in solid 9ct Gold.

Timeless Necklace    Sunburst necklace

My Art Deco Kite pendant celebrates the simple kite shape and combination of silver and 9ct Gold to create a classic necklace that is the perfect touch of everyday luxury. Again the size is the perfect balance, small enough to be comfortable and easy to wear, but still draw the eye and create a focal point of your look. See how this timeless necklace can be combined with the similar aesthetic of my signet rings here:

A Classic Bracelet Suitable For Every Occasion

Finally – a bracelet. Bracelets can be the perfect finishing touch to a look, a touch of luxury on the wrist. If you want something that will be worn regularly my advice is to go with something that is comfortable, that has a nice movement and a delicate feel. My Deco Flow bracelet is a classic bracelet and a firm favourite with my customers, the simple elegance of the repeated shapes and a beautiful movement on the wrist.

Easily coordinated with other silver jewellery in your collection. If you are looking for a bracelet that you can wear every day then the Deco Flow Bracelet is the perfect choice.

Classic bracelet

That’s the end of my run through of timeless jewellery classics, I’ve really enjoyed it, I might do it again in a few months as my selections are often influenced by my mood and I might come back with some completely different choices next time! My ethos is definitely about creating jewellery that will be treasured for a life time and worn regularly and I am confident all the pieces I have chosen here do just that!

Thanks for reading

- Laura