August 23, 2022

Pearl Rings & Other Best Sellers from Art in the Park

Pearl Rings steal the show at Art in The Park

We're back from Art in the Park 2022 and I'm excited to share with you some of our best sellers, but before I get into that, here's a quick debrief on the event - our very first art show (hopefully the first of many!)

It goes without saying it was HOT, too hot - Far. Too. Hot. But enough of that, here are a few pictures of our set up, we were so pleased with how the display came together, Laura and I were incredibly proud to be presenting Laura's fabulous handmade jewellery and we had such lovely comments from everyone that stopped by.

Handmade jewellery for sale

Laura Vernon Jewellery designer maker

Pearl rings were a huge hit!

We had a wide range of Laura's jewellery on display, Pearl rings, necklaces earrings and cufflinks, many designs from Laura's Art Deco range, as well as her Geometric collection, the Sunburst range and her Signet rings. Customers loved to peruse the whole stand and see the many different styles that Laura has created.

Pearl Rings were, without a doubt, the biggest hit of the weekend, everyone that stopped by had lovely comments about them, we loved to see peoples face light up when they tried them on, and see many people happily walk away with a new ring for their collection - with many people wearing them straight away!

Pearl Rings from Louy Magroos

Stacking Pearl Rings Pearl Cocktail Rings Pearl Rings

It was such a joy to talk to customers and tell them how the pieces are designed and made, everyone in Leamington was so keen to find out the story behind each piece.

Telling the back story behind each piece

The Sunburst range and the Signet rings really captured peoples interest and it was great to be able to describe the laser engraving process and all of the trial and error that went into making these stunning pieces.

Sunburst jewellery for sale

Handmade Signet rings Sunburst evil eye necklace Initial Signet Ring

Specials for the show

I also had some specials on display at the show - an extended range of my 'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining' jewellery collection and my range of Bee jewellery, these were both one-off makes that I used my ever expanding collection of castings to make, I have a few left so I will get them live on the site for sale shortly - watch this space.

A big Thank You to the event organisers

The show was a massive success, a big thank you to the organisers who put on a fantastic event in the face of extreme temperatures and challenging circumstances. We had plenty of family and friends visit and spend the day checking out the show - and our daughter visited both days and got stuck into lots of activities, and ate many ice lollies!

kids activities at Leamington art in the park

One final note from Laura:

To everyone who came to look at our stand, said nice things, gave me goosebumps with the stories of why they were buying, followers who made an effort to seek me out, those who bought us ice creams and drinks, bought something for themselves and put it on straight away, or ordered something because they are happy to wait for a special piece, or simply just told me I was talented.... THANK YOU! 

We can't wait to meet more of you very soon, watch this space to find out where we will be appearing next!

- Mike