September 03, 2021

The History of Ladies Silver Signet Rings

History of signet rings for women

Here is my brief history of the signet ring, how they are currently experiencing a renascence and why I love my modern take on this timeless heirloom classic. Learn all there is to know about Ladies Silver Signet Rings and beyond.

What do ladies silver signet rings mean?

These days signet rings can mean anything you want them to, people choose to wear them for simple stylistic reasons, but others wear them to signify something specific or celebrate a sentimental connection. Traditionally signet rings were worn to celebrate family heritage and would have been used for sealing letters like a wax stamp – as such they often bore a family crest. People do still wear signet rings that feature the family crest but now the wearing of signet rings has far wider appeal and comes in a hugely varied range of designs and styles. Adding a monogram or inital to your signet ring can make it feel a little more traditional and unique to you.

Ladies Silver Signet Rings

Signet rings with initials have been worn for 100s of years emblazoned with the family crest of often the wearers monogram – a tradition borne from the original usage to seal letters and papers. The range that I have designed is available with initials in a scroll font, it is intended to be quite subtle, to create a classic, timeless piece that can be worn everyday.

What goes on a signet ring?

The one overriding design feature that is present on all signet rings is a flat bezel front and centre on the ring – this is ultimately what makes them a signet ring. Traditionally this would have featured the wearers chosen engraving that would then be used to stamp the wax seal on their letters. These days you can choose what goes on a signet ring as an expression of your own style, or ultimately keep it plain for a more understated classic look. My signet rings come plain, with your chosen initial or featuring an art deco pattern engraved onto the design.

What goes on a signet ring

Where are signet rings worn?

Anywhere! Tradition would suggest that a signet ring is worn on the pinkie finger, but honestly – we are way past a time when people need to stick to traditions, if you go way way back then signet rings would really have only been worn by men, and that is just nonsense nowadays. These days signet rings are worn by men and women alike, they are most commonly worn on the pinkie or the 4th finger on the wearers non-dominant hand. Ladies Silver Signet rings can look great on any finger and can be worn simply for fashion, or as something with a deeper meaning, even as a wedding band.

Where are signet rings worn?


How many signet rings can you wear? Traditionally wearers would normally stick to just the one signet ring, however like I have said before there is absolutely no need to stick to tradition. These days it is also popular to wear multiple signet rings across different fingers, or even stacked on the same finger. My range of signet rings can be easily mix and matched together with one another, or with other signet rings in your collection

When were signet rings popular?

Signet rings originally rose to popularity in the late 1800’s and ever since have remained popular, however the styles have changed over the time, as well as the traditions around when, how and who they would be worn by. Are signet rings popular? Yes! Signet rings are very popular right now, worn by men and women in traditional, modern and more experimental styles. The designs that I make and sell are inspired by the art deco period, with clean lines and striking angles, a modern heirloom.

When were signet rings popular

Who wears signet rings?

These days signet rings are equally popular amongst men and women, they are worn by all types of people from all walks of life. There are signet rings for men, signet rings for ladies, and unisex signet rings too. With so many styles available everyone can find something that suits them and celebrates their own style. The signet rings that I design and make are intended for women, check them out my signet rings for women here.

Art Deco Signet Rings

How are signet rings made?

Signet rings can be made in a number of different ways, historically they would have been made from raw bullion which would have been skilfully hammered into the desired shape and design. They would have then been embellished with a family crest or seal. My signet rings are of a more modern style, which really celebrates the clean lines popularised during the art deco period.

How are signet rings made

The signet rings in my range were all made by me, originally hand carved in wax. The wax carving I created is then used as a mould to cast the design in silver or gold. Finally, some of my designs also have a personalisation to create a signet ring with initials or with an art deco pattern laid on to it, this is added using laser engraving. Each signet ring is made to order to your chosen size and if desired your chosen initial/pattern design.

Art Deco Signet rings to buy...

If you are looking for signet rings to buy, then I can help! I have many signet rings for sale. All my signet rings are handmade by me here in the UK. They are all my own design and are all made to order to your size, and if desired your chosen initial or pattern engraving. I love the signet rings in my range with patterns engraved, I think they are a subtle way to add some individuality to your design and creates something unique that no one else will have.

Signet rings to buy

Signet rings for her

Can signet rings be resized?

Yes – absolutely signet rings can be resized. I always encourage you to take the time to ensure you have the right size when you order and can assist with further advice/sizing tools, but in the event that you have the wrong size or if your fingers change over time I can absolutely resize your ring for you.

Can signet rings be resized?

I would love to know if you have a traditional signet ring and what it means to you? And if you are looking to elevate your jewellery collection with a modern heirloom signet ring then head over to my shop now.