June 15, 2022

Handmade Pearl jewellery – Part 3: Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Pearl wedding anniversary gift ideas

Pearl wedding anniversary gift ideas

In this final segment of my pearls mini series I am going to cover Pearls as the traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift.

The tradition of specific gifts for specific anniversary milestones dates right back to the middle ages when silver was the gift of choice for 25 years, and gold for 50 years or happy marriage. Fast forward to present day and there are traditional and modern gifts assigned to every anniversary, with the biggies being 1-15, and then every 5 years after that.

Pearl stacking rings Gold pearl jewellery for 30th anniversary Black pearl cufflinks Black and silver pearl stacking rings


Reaching your 30th Anniversary is a fantastic milestone and one that is celebrated with the traditional gift of Pearls! Pearls make the perfect anniversary gift, they can be incorporated into so many different things, and in so many different styles, but they are also timeless so they are sure to be worn regularly and treasured for a life time.

Pearl Jewellery for 30th Wedding anniversary

Pearl jewellery is probably the most popular gift idea for 30th Wedding anniversary celebrations. Pearls can be incorporated into Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Tie Pins or Cufflinks.

Take a look at my range of pearl jewellery to see if it sparks some inspiration. Some of my favourites are these 9ct Gold Pearl dropper earrings.

9ct gold pearl dropper earrings

Theres no doubt that my pearl stud earrings and the matching pearl pendant necklace are by far and away my most popular pearl design, they are now also available in a larger size for even more impact.

Pearl stud earrings Pearl earrings and matching necklace pearl anniversary necklace Pearl anniversary pendants Large pearl earrings Statement pearl earrings

Pearl gemstones vs mother of pearl

A quick note to explain the difference between Pearl stones and Mother of Pearl. In part 1 of this blog mini series I covered exactly what a pearl is and how it is formed. It is essentially a hard ball of ‘nacre’ created by a mollusc or Oyster.

By contrast ‘Mother of Pearl’ is the thin layer of Nacre that lines the shell of the mollusc itself. It is made of a thin layer of the same iridescent material that forms Pearls but it is taken from the inner linings of the shell.

Mother of pearl is far less valuable than Pearls themselves but it can still be used in beautiful ways, it is often used as an inlay on jewellery, clocks, fashion and homeware.

Freshwater Pearls

All of my designs used Pearls themselves rather than mother of pearl, my designs feature the pearl as the centre piece of either a sterling silver or 9ct Gold piece.

Pearl wedding anniversary gift for husband

Pearl gifts can be particularly difficult to buy for men, Pearls can often seem quite feminine and therefore it can be difficult to find masculine pearl jewellery that men will wear comfortably (although this is changing – see my post on the popular ‘Pearlcore’ trend of 2022).

I have some stunning Cufflinks and Tie Pins in my range that prove really popular at achieving a masculine look with the pearls and I get great feedback from my customers and love hearing that my Pearl cufflinks get worn so regularly and are enjoyed often.

Pearl anniversary cufflinks Silver pearl cufflinks for men

My Pearl cufflinks are available in polished silver, or in a really striking black and silver design (the latter is achieved through a process of oxidisation that blackens the solid silver and creates a beautiful contrast) The same design is also available as a tie pin.

Pearl tie pin

I hope this post has given you some inspiration and will help you find the perfect gift for your 30th Wedding Anniversary.

That’s the end of my Pearls mini series, I’ve really enjoyed going into detail on all things ‘Pearls’ If you have missed part 1 and part 2 then check them out now.

As I always mention, if you have spotted something you like but would like to get in touch to place a bespoke order in your chosen metal, or with a change to the design then please do get in touch as I am always keen to take on special commissions.

Thanks for reading