November 21, 2017

Christmas Proposal Ideas. 6 Romantic Engagement Ideas

Winter proposal

What is more romantic than a winter proposal? The best time of year to snuggle up with the one you love, celebrate with family and friends and burst into the New year with the most exciting start!

 Christmas Proposal Ideas

So, you know you want to propose this year, but how to do it? Here are 6 romantic proposal ideas to get you started…

Hide it in the tree 

With one of my beautiful Marry Me? Baubles you can not only surprise them by hiding the ring on the tree, but you will have a fabulous keepsake to hang on your tree in the years to come…brownie points every time they hang the bauble and remembers how romantic you are!
 Marry me christmas bauble
Handmade in my workshop these baubles are one of my absolute favourite things to make, and the excitement I get when I receive a request for one is electric. Every Christmas morning, I think about those lucky future brides and grooms who are about to have the most magical Christmas ever!
Hang it on the tree and hint until they find it, or create a treasure hunt that finishes at the tree where they will find the bauble, turn around and see you down on one knee! I know I should write romantic movies :-)
 Christmas Proposal Ideas
Will you marry me Christmas decoration
Provided with the ribbon so you can tie your ring to the bauble if you have one ready, or leave it plain if you want to choose a ring together later.
Here is a shot a lovely customer sent me a few Christmases back, possibly my favourite customer photo of all time, it still makes me happy to see it!
 will you marry me bauble

Combine with your Christmas tradition

Do you have a Christmas tradition? Me and my husband watch Nightmare Before Christmas while we decorate the tree, we have mulled wine simmering away and once it is done we sit back and admire our work with a mug or two. Maybe not romantic for anyone else but it is our tradition and we look forward to it every year.
Why not make your proposal part of your couple’s tradition? Write ‘Marry me’ on the bottom of their favourite hot chocolate mug, or hide the ring in your favourite Christmas movie DVD box. Whatever you chose is going to make your Christmas tradition a whole lot more romantic from here on in!
 Marry me mug

Don’t have a Christmas tradition? Start a new one!

Being a small business at Christmas is a pretty crazy time of year so I am all about the little Christmas traditions when I take a break, but this year I want to add some more! Right now, I am thinking of a Christmas eve tradition, when all the work is done, the shops are closed and there is nothing to do but put your feet up and start to unwind ready for the mad rush and excitement of Christmas morning. I think Christmas eve would make a wonderful time to propose, they really won’t be expecting it!!
Perhaps suggest a cosy night in, get new pyjamas, a bottle of something nice or some hot chocolates with all the trimmings, and then all you need is to snuggle up just the two of you for a magical night of contented happiness.
 Christmas hot chocolate

Take a winter walk together

I don’t know about you, but after a few days of eating too much and curling up by the fire there is nothing I like better than a winter walk… and then home again to curl up by the fire and eat too much (guilt free)!
Take a Christmas stroll in the woods, or by a lake somewhere where there won’t be any distractions. Find a beautiful spot, pose for a selfie together and pop the question! Simple and so romantic.
My husband proposed on a walk and had packed a picnic with a little bottle of fizz to celebrate, the only inkling I had that something fishy was going on was that he didn’t eat much of the picnic! Afterwards it was so lovely to be out in nature and it’s a walk we will always treasure.
 Christmas engagement

Take a trip

Ok so the ultimate is a trip together and a proposal under the Northern lights, right? That would be pretty-blinking magical! Or maybe you don’t do the cold, take a trip somewhere sunny and warm, who says a winter proposal must be snowy!!
 Beach proposal

Propose to him

Who says you can’t propose to him? My Marry me cufflinks are the perfect way to prose to him and he can wear them for the wedding too making them a really special keepsake.
Marry me cufflinks
Not every man wants to wear a ring so these cufflinks are a great substitute, add a personalised message to the reverse to make them truly unique to you. The location or date of the proposal, your initials or a nickname you have for each other.
 Will you marry me cufflinks

The Ring!

Ok so there you have it, my 6 romantic engagement ideas…but what about the ring? Here are a couple of my absolute favourite goldsmiths who will make you to most beautiful handmade rings…after all you need a perfect ring to go with that perfect proposal!
Alexandra Flynn
Alison Moore
Charlotte Bezzant
Shona Jewellery
Kate Smith
Soremi Jewellery

If you think she would prefer to be more involved in choosing the engagement ring you can always get a stand in ring, I have a great selection of silver rings for her to choose from, pearl rings, or stacking rings, all perfect for the proposal and that she can wear on a different finger once you have found ‘the one’.
Art Deco Ring
Pearl statement ring
Pearl stacking ring
skinny heart ring
Or if you a little more adventurous these fabulous jewellers below offer make your own engagement rings or wedding bands experience days so you can both make a ring together. I might be biased as a jeweller but I’d say that sounds like a fantastic day out together, and you will come away with a truly unique ring that will be treasured.

Make your own wedding rings in Cornwall with Carole Allen

Carole Allen

Make your own wedding rings in the romantic county of Cornwall. Come to Carole's studio together and make a lasting token of your commitment.

Commission something special from TLK Jewellery

TLK Jewellery

Let Tanya realise you dream by designing the perfect engagement ring.

Make Your Own Wedding Rings Experience Day For Two with Magnus and Bella

Magnus and Bella

Spend a wonderful fun and romantic day making wedding rings for each other in Magnus and Bella's boutique studio, with a homemade lunch and prosecco to celebrate

I’d love to hear your proposal stories and photos, I will be thinking of you on Christmas morning!
If you would like more ideas please follow my Winter proposal Pinterest board below.