Playtime: Project C/O/N/N/E/C/T with Vanilla Ink week 3

April 30, 2020

Louy Magroos BlogStill here and still on lockdown in the UK, and its my favourite part of the week and time to share week 3 of the Vanilla Ink project C/O/N/N/E/C/T

During the Coronavirus lockdown the wonderful Vanilla Ink Studios have been setting some great tasks for the jeweller community to follow along with, try out some new skills and share their processes.

This weeks brief is...

Jewellery brief

I struggled to get going on this one, it has been driving me crazy all week! After getting really stuck into last weeks brief that was not my usual style I thought this week I would thrive and really get my teeth into it, but I just wasn’t feeling it. In fact I gave up quite a few times and nearly didn’t do anything.

That was until my husband guilted me into giving it one more go, I sculked up to my workshop like a teenager told to do their home work on a Sunday night and sat procrastinating with some odd bits of castings I had had made up before lockdown. I was telling myself I was creative this week and it was a waste of time because what I really wanted to be doing was real work.

 Art deco geometric shapes

Before I knew it I was putting together some geometric botanical shapes that were PERFECT for this brief and I got hyperactive and excited and all the feeling in between, and before I knew it I had a nearly finished piece that I was really really proud of.

art deco thistlegeometric botanical shapes

So after a really slow start this piece actually came together really quickly and I am really pumped about where is might take me in my own collection going forward.

 geometric flower

art deco flower

I don’t have any tube so I haven’t made the brooch fitting part, and it still needs quite a bit of cleaning up but you get the idea.

geometric thistle brooch geometric flower broochart deco flower broochbotanical art deco brooch

What do you think? A thistle with a Louy Magroos twist?

Thanks Scott and Kate, another week of creative therapy for me and some peace and quite for my husband while I squirrel away at my bench during nap time.
If you would like to see more of the jewellers submissions for the Project C/O/N/N/E/C/T and the other free content that Vanilla Ink are putting out then search the hashtag #stayconnected


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