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My mantra for the year - Be kind to yourself

Last year inspired by Jenny Hyde's word of the year, I decided to create a 'Celebrate Jar', you can see my original post here and learn more about Jenny and what she stands for in 2016 here.

Well today I decided to go through my jar, and whilst there was lots of lovely little notes of great feedback, and nice little features or records set, I couldn't help but feel a bit... 'is that it'.

I have just had the best year, better than any forecasted figures my husband helped me do, and even better than the unrealistic goals I set for myself, and yet I still feel a bit, meh!


I made myself this jar so that I would celebrate all the wonderful things I achieved this year, yet all I can see is all the things I didn't do.

I added loads of new products to may range, but all I see the list in my head of the ones I didn't get round to making or listing.

small business success

I had a record breaking year of sales, but all I can focus on is how am I ever going to match that again.

A fantastic Christmas for Louy Magroos broke me, I should be so proud of what I have achieved but if I'm honest it's bloody scary.

small business christmas stress

So this year I am going to continue with my celebrate jar, but I am also going to do something that my Husband says to me a lot...

"Be kinder to yourself Laura"

He says it to me all the time, and it's probably the best thing he has ever said, other than will you marry me of course!

I am very competitive, not with other people, but with myself. I'm not so fussed about being the biggest or the best, but I do constantly want to out do myself, and actually that is probably a pretty negative thing to be because you never win.

It's really not going to be easy, and I will fail at times but I am going to try.

I am going to be kinder to myself, not agonise over not understanding my accounts 100%, not punish myself for not getting everything done that I think I should. Be kinder to my body, look after myself and admit when I need a helping hand.

And I just started by treating myself to this gorgeous print from to put on my workshop wall to remind me!



Jan 06, 2016

Thank Jenny, I will do my very best!! x

Jan 06, 2016

I LOVE this, Laura! Be kind to yourself. You TOTALLY deserve it! xx


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