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My Word Of The Year - Celebrate!

After reading the wonderful Jenny Hyde’s blog last week about finding a word to live by for the year, I have been inspired to do the same.

In Jenny’s blog she explains how over the past few years she has chosen a word to live by, a word that could be used as a reminder when needed or to strive for.

Take a look here to see what Jenny chose and to catch up on her inspiring blog for small businesses.

Jenny’s blog pinged into my inbox just as I had been planning my previous blog about looking back on 2014. It was a process that I really enjoyed, thinking and looking back at my achievements was really helpful, and it showed me just how easy it is to forget how far Louy Magroos has come.

So with that in mind the word I have chosen is CELEBRATE.

I’m not great at celebrating my achievements; it’s not really the done thing is it? And no one likes a big head. But this year I am going to make sure I do, even if it is just a celebratory cup of tea!

Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you with blogs every time I manage successfully solder a ring without setting fire to my fringe, but I am going to celebrate the things that make me smile and proud.

I will write down the good things that happen and put them into a jar, at the end of the year hopefully I will have a jar full of positive things to be proud of.

It’s too easy in life to focus on the negative and dwell on your failings but this year with CELEBRATE in my mind I am going to try my best to focus on the successes.

And I already have one in the jar…

My Infinity Cufflinks have been selected out of the thousands on products on Not On The High Street to be one of their featured products in their Valentines Campaign…that’s definitely worth celebrating!

So that’s my word, what do you think?

What about you, do you have a word you want to live by this year?


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