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The Top Best Bits Of 2014

To round off a great year and to get me in the right frame of mind for 2015 I have had a look back at last year and in true x-factor fashion here are my best bits...

I Got Married

  Just Married Decorated Car
So above all the best thing to happen (not only in 2014 but my whole 28 years on earth) was getting married to my best friend and love of my life. It really was the happiest day of my life and we had the most fun planning and making things for our wedding. I am not usually one for shouting personal things from the roof tops on social media but I couldn’t miss this off my top 5. Also I would like to share some of the things I made for the big day, so keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for some of my favourites…
 naomi kenton wedding photography Louy Magroos Wedding Handmade Silver Wedding Jewellery

Louy Magroos Became Ltd

Early in the year Louy Magroos became a proper grown up business and became Louy Magroos Ltd. Ok so it didn’t make much of a change to my everyday work but it did mean setting up a business bank account and lots of other new important business practices. This petrified me, and if I am honest it still does. I am not confident in these sorts of things but I have a great support system that include my husband and Brother-in-Law who help me every step of the way, and they only giggle a little bit when I say something stupid :-) Thank you boys, I promise to be better in 2015 - I think I might have said that this time last year too, but this time I really mean it :-/
 Louy Magroos Ltd

Lot's Of New Designs

It can be tricky when you are busy and business is going well to become a little complacent, and as much as I love what I do, sometimes you can fall out of love with something, if only for a little while. For this reason I forced myself to put time aside last year to develop new ideas and new products, and it paid off because I have lots of new products that I am really proud of and love making…
personalised silver heart necklacesilver infinity cufflinks
 secret message infinity cufflinkssilver bicycle cufflinks
 silver name necklace Christmas Proposal Bauble
This is something I need to work on more in 2015 but I have the right mindset for it going into this new year and I am really looking forward to what my next best seller might be. Any ideas of product areas you would like me to develop, get in touch!

New Website Launched

Like most things worth having, building a website is long and tricky for a novice like me, but I am so pleased I put in all those hours. I launched my new website in the summer and it is really making a big difference to my business. It is not only easier for you as a customer to shop, but it is also much easier for me to run and develop. It’s not there yet and I need to put in a few more hours yet until it is exactly how I would like it, but I am very proud of it.

I Survived Christmas

Ok, so this one is tricky for me to admit, and my husband might fall off his chair when he reads this but…I did have a great Christmas. So you might wonder why that is difficult for me to write, well up until now I haven’t been able to admit it to myself.
I set my goals high, I always have, and I’m sorry Mike I always will. I am never happy with my achievements unless I have blown my target out the water.
I also compare myself to everyone else. I don’t know how you can’t when people live their lives through social media, you only see everyone’s best bits, and if your having a bad day, well it’s hard not to think everyone else is selling more, earning more and looking fab whilst doing it, right?
This Christmas I matched last year rather than smashing it, that’s not happened before and it was difficult for me to realise that it’s ok to not always be doing way better than before.
Last year I cried because I couldn’t cope. This year I cried because I could.
Last year I was angry because I felt I hadn’t had a chance to enjoy Christmas. This year I still felt like I didn’t really do everything I wanted but I did spend more time with family and friends just relaxing, and loved it, I should do more of it!
Last year I had to turn down commissions because I didn’t have the time. This year I made some wonderful gifts that I know were LOVED and I think they will become part of my range very soon.
Last year I was such a mess after Christmas it took me a long time to get back into the swing of things. This year I have a tonne of ideas and I can’t wait to get them made and share them with you.
And if those reasons are not enough for my constant need to be brilliant, well these happy customers made me feel on top of the world…
 louy magroos review 5 star review louy magroos christmas proposal


So that’s my top 5. I recommend writing a top 5 of your own, it really does put you in a better place to take on the new year.

L. x

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