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My Week As A Jeweller #18

Hi all, so this week has been HOT, so HOT! It might not seem to bad to most but I am the palest and fairest English rose you can get and I work most of the day with a blow torch an inch from my face, so to me it's HOT.
Bruce likes nothing better than lying in the sun but even he had trouble keeping cool this week, I was very tempted to join him belly up and leg akimbo in the workshop this week...
Bruce the workshop dog
Wedding season is in full swing, I feel like I have been saying that for months now but I am getting a lot of last-minute wedding cufflinks and gifts over the last week...
handmade sterling silver cufflinks, personalised for weddings
...and a lovely big order of 5 pairs for the Groomsmen of one wedding...
Groomsmen cufflinks for the wedding party
These where my favourite pair to make this week....
Personalised black and silver name cufflinks
And this was my favourite personalised cufflinks...
personalised song lyric cufflinks, handmade sterling silver
Last year Mike and I celebrated being together for 10 years, and as a gift I bought him a taster day in Green Woodworking. We both love watching those programs on traditional handcrafts and the one on green woodworking Mike particularly liked, especially as he used to spend a lot of time with his Grandand turning wood when he was younger. Origianlly it was just for Mike, but I got jealous and wanted a go myself so we booked me in too.
Now I know I said at the start it was a hot week, well Saturday was a little different, it rained, and not just a little rain, BIBLICAL RAIN, and lightening and thunder and more rain, but look at this amazing workshop...
green woodwork workshop
The trees kept us sheltered and the tarp covers kept us reasonably dry and it didn't dampen the fun one bit!
Green woodworking day
forest workshop
Garden dibbers on the lathe
And here is what we made...
2 Garden Dibbers and a Rounders bat from Mike, and the worlds longest Rolling pin and a giant Spurtle from me :-)
our finished pieces
No I don't know why I made a Spurtle either :-)

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