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Deco Brooch Commission for Howard and Gemma

I have said it before, but commissions are one of my favourite things! Sometimes as a maker you get so focused on making the same designs everyday thats it's really nice to have an excuse to stop and do something completely different.

I have been trying to develop a range of brooches for my Deco collection for longer than I am prepared to admit, so when one of my best customers asked if I could make a brooch for his wife for Christmas, I jumped at the chance.

You might remember Howard and Gemma from a past blog, they both wore Louy Magroos jewellery for their wedding day, and since then Howard has been treating his wife every now and then to other pieces of Louy Magroos to add to her collection. But what Gemma really wanted, I didn’t have, so Howard got in touch to ask if I could design something special for Gemma. The brief was…

“A Brooch, 2 inches by 1 inch, deco, with pearls, in silver and black, and non-symmetrical”

So with that in mind I set to work…


Getting ideas onto paper to discuss with Howard.

Filing the correct angles to create geometric shapes.

Creating the geometric shapes in to square silver wire.

Creating a double pin brooch fitting from scratch.

Adjusting the composition.

Adding the oxidised contrasts.

And here is the finished piece...




Howard sent me a message to say that Gemma loved her Christmas gift, so that's another happy customer for me :-)

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