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My Week As A Jeweller #10

Evening all, it’s that time of the week again! Summer finally showed up big time in the UK this week and it’s brilliant, and honestly I don’t want it to stop but it is so hot and sticky tonight that I can’t really be bothered to do much at all, so I am pretty much going to make the photos do all the hard work for me.

It was a busy start to the week, which in my case always means a messy start to the week. But I am told by a fellow jeweller that "messy work benches are a sign of creativity". So there you have it Dad all those years of making be tidy up where stifling my creativity :-p

This is my slower cooker of pickle (diluted sulphuric acid), which is used for removing oxides and fire stain from the silver after it has been soldered, it's had a busy week.

We have had sooo many cards to celebrate out engagement but this one is by far my favourite (it's not from the Will I Am off the telly, it's from a much cooler one)

Then it was time for the worst thing about being a small business, accounts! Blurgh!! Lucky for me a have the worlds best accountant/future-brother-in-law who makes it really easy for me, but I would still much rather be drawing a picture than filling out a spreadsheet. Bruce promised to help but as you can see, fell asleep on my shoulder after the first entry.


I was featured in Gathered by Mollie Makes Magazine this week with this ring that everybody falls in love with.

I spent lots of time enjoying the garden on little breaks from work...well you need a break every now and then don't you. The bumblebees seemed just as busy and just as happy too.

Sometimes I get to write the loveliest messages as gift notes to be sent out with orders, and I can tell you there is a lot of love in this world :-)


We spent the weekend being very sociable, as you tend to be when the sun is shining and a beer garden is calling, but it wouldn't be a Vernon-Taylor weekend without lots of jobs to be done too...

So Saturday was spent waxing the lounge ready for the sofa arriving on Monday, what do you think??

I am sure you wont be surprised to hear that Bruce approves...

Enjoy the sun x

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