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My Week As A Jeweller #7

It's photo blog time, and it's a bit of a special one this week.

The week started in a bit of a mad panic trying to get lots of personalised Fathers Day gifts made and sent in time for the big day.

These are the metal letter stamps I use to individually stamp each letter into the silver. As you can imagine it takes a while, a super steady hand and lots of concentration to make sure the stamp is in the right spot before I hit it with a hammer, once it's there, it's there so I have to take my time to make sure it is positioned just right.

After lots of cufflink orders it was nice to see a couple of ring orders pop into my inbox.

To create the dappled texture on the ring I use a ball hammer and tap it around the ring mandrel, making sure to overlap the hits to give an irregular pattern.

And then before I knew it, it was time to close up shop and go on my surprise birthday trip Mike had planned for me in a VW Camper Van in Cornwall.

A couple of days away was just what the doctored ordered, I don't know about everyone else but the rubbish weather this 'summer' has given me the hump more than once over the last couple of weeks!

On Friday Mike planned a walk along the coast near Tintagel Castle, he packed up a nice picnic of all my favourite foods, and sun even came out. I started to think Mike was unwell as he didn't eat his lunch (this has never happened in the ten years I've known him) and he wouldn't stop fidgeting.

He then completely took me by surprise, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I obviously said YES straight away :-)

Now I would like to think I am quite a low maintenance girlfriend but imagine how difficult it is to choose and engagement ring for a jeweller. I had always thought Mike might propose with a stand in ring or propose with the idea of choosing a ring together, but secretly hoped he would choose one for me. And he didn't disappoint, he chose me the most perfect ring...

Mike had this ring made for me, he chose the design and settings and finishes and I LOVE IT! Probably even more because he spent so long planning and making everything perfect for me. I am a lucky lady. Plus it's super sparkly and every girl loves some sparkle!

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the Cornish sunshine and getting used to being fiancés rather than boyfriend and girlfriend... it still sounds weird… oh and climbing rocks!

and Bruce had a wicked first holiday too...

Have a good week L x

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Mar 19, 2014

I love looking at your blog. Your pictures are always so interesting and lovely. Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an amazing week you have had x

Alison Moore

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