New Year Resolutions…sort of

January 21, 2013

I’m not really one for New Year Resolutions, mainly because if I know I have to do it, I really don’t want to, but this year I have some January Plans.

So far I have

  1. Get organised

  2. Get a Puppy

  3. … I'm working on the rest!

Ok so it’s not really going to take all my will power to get through this extensive list, but I have made a start with an obligatory trip to Ikea and that’s good enough for me.

A jewellers workshop has many concoctions and potions, acids and cleaners, some of which are not that nice. I am ashamed to say before now they were stored in zip lock bags in a cupboard, and sometimes knocked over, so I decided to store them all in a little more secure and orderly way. I picked up some cheap Kilner style jars from Ikea with the idea of buying some nice labels to jazz them up, organise them. Anyway long-story-short, nice labels cost more than the jars and the contents combined, so I decided to get creative with some chalkboard paint. All I had to do was mask off some irregular square shapes… Labels for Jars   Paint a couple of coats of black board paint… Chalk Board Labels for Glass Jars Wait to dry and then peel off the masking tape, and then they are ready to write on… Labelling Glass Jars I had a liquid chalk pen that is really easy to use, and wipes off too. So if you change your contents, or if you make up a batch of something you can write all your info on and when it’s finished with you can reuse again and again. And these cute little scoops help me not to spill it all of the carpet. Chalk Board Stickers For Jars I’m pretty pleased with how pretty my organising is going so far!

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