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Art Deco

If you could live in any era other than this one, which would you choose?

The 1920’s and 30’s would have to be one of my top eras to experience, the age of one of the most glamorous and exciting art movements, Art Deco.

  Art Deco 1920's designArt Deco to me is elegance, glamour, romance and pure decadence. It’s linear symmetry and geometric shapes makes it a style that is modern, bold and easy to recognise. New technology, faster travel and changing social attitudes, made the early 20th Century an exciting and optimistic time to be alive. The nightmare of the First World War was over and people were eager to put it behind them, look for a brighter future of opulence and glamour, Art Deco was attractive to people, because it was all about pleasure.

“The right style can make the good times better…”

Women were becoming much more liberated and so a whole new style of fashion emerged in the 1920’s. The streamlined silhouettes of flapper girls, short hemlines and lower necklines required a new style of jewellery.

Movies and magazines encouraged women to aspire to this new style and look around the world for inspiration. Tribal artefacts and Egyptian motifs heavily inspired the design of Architecture, Glass, Sculpture and of course Jewellery. Repetitive geometric shapes and stepped forms, along with zig-zag lines and strong symmetry were popular in designs.

Platinum was perfect for Art Deco jewellery, diamonds with contrasting gem stones made dramatic, extravagant jewellery that was so popular with the rich. But Art Deco jewellery was not just for the wealthy, A hard plastic called Baklite made great costume jewellery, its strong colours made startingly original jewellery that was highly sought after. Art Deco is as highly fashionable and influential as it ever was, my own Deco collection is based wholly on its ideals and characteristics. Art Deco jewellery is highly sought after, not only for its precious metals and stones but for the beauty and lavishness of the design. It is a firm favourite for retro inspired weddings, and this has to be down to the romance and glamour that this style oozes through every diamond and every swath and cascade of silk.

Not only is my Deco collection my favourite but also it is by far my most popular collection and I am continually getting requests from customers for more designs. Now Christmas is over, I have some time to get back into designing and creating new pieces, and I am so looking forward to it. I find a great way to start to explore and design new ideas is to create a mood board of ideas, feeling, and styles. This not only helps with ideas about shapes and colours but of the emotion and style of the product you ultimately come up with. Here are some examples of the images I have collected that inspire me.

1. Yolan Cris Wedding Dress, 2. Zigzag Shadow Stairs Film Photo, 3. Lindsay Fleming Wedding Dress, 4. Watercolor Fashion Illustration - Black Magic Woman print, 5. Johanna Johnson Wedding Dress, 6. ZigZag- Fine-Art Detroit Print,

Jewellery is such a personal item, and I love the idea that my jewellery could bring a little of the glamour, the optimism and the excitement of the early 20th century back to life.


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