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Ready for your close up?

There are a couple of benefits in having a jeweller in the family, mainly a one-stop shop for gifts and samples and repairs, but it comes at a price…you model! Mike has more pairs of cufflinks than he does shoes, he gets free range on all my designs and usually ends up with the samples, so I think he owes me a few photos. Therefore this weekend he got all suited and booted and got ready for his modelling debut! Here are some of my favourite, I would love to hear what you think! name cufflinks, ideal for weddings, groom gift for the best man custome made name cufflinks for weddingshandmade wedding cufflinks, names, dates, gifts

Handmade Silver Personalised Script Cufflinks  £75.00

Art deco inspired silver black cufflinksHandmade Silver Art Deco Cufflinks £68.00

custom made cufflinks, wedding cufflinks, best man or groom gift

Handmade Silver Personalised Small Print Cufflinks £70.00


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