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Back to School for Louy Magroos

It’s the end of the summer holidays and back to school for most today, so I thought it would be a good time to share with you the workshop day I had back in May, with the Year 8 Girls from High Arcal School.

I was invited to do a jewellery workshop day with the Year 8 girls, where we had one day to design and make some wearable pieces, using plastics, acrylic and resin, along with found objects.

It was great fun to get all my old sketchbooks and projects out from university and share them with the girls and discuss what jewellery means to them.

I wanted the girls to think of jewellery as a wearable piece of art, rather than something small and commercial. So with catwalk fashion and theatrical inspirations from pop stars such as Lady Gaga in mind, we set out to create show stopping, bold jewellery. Making Jewellery with plastics, resins and found objects Plastics resin and found objects jewellery The day reminded me of some of the more experimental work that we were encouraged to do at university, not so practical, and perhaps wouldn’t make me a living but fun to design and make all the same! Here are a few examples from my time at university… The Happy Birthday Candle Ring, not sure this would get through Health and Safety...   Best of British - The wearable tea cosy!!

Communication Rings – Using resin and newspaper to create over sized rings…Unusual RingsI would Like to take the Girls that made the day so much fun and worked hard to make some great wearable peices, THANK YOU HIGH ARCAL x    

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