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The Deco Cufflink Collection Grows

Well last week was a blur of activity, not only for Louy Magroos but for me too.

New workshop for Louy Magroos handmade jewellery

I moved into my first, very own house with Mike at the weekend, and with it a nice, big, new workshop!

The nice, new big workshop is currently hiding under a pile of unopened packing boxes, but I hope to be in there very soon, and share with you all my new workspace.

I made a deal with myself to get some new products I have had in the pipeline finished and ready to share with you before the big move …. and well, I am only a little late!

I have been concentrating on adding to my popular Deco collection, it is one of my favourite collections for its stricking simplicity, so I have been coming up with some new pieces and I would love to hear what you all think.

Art Deco inspired earrings with freshwater pearlsHandmade ring inspired by art deco, with freshwater pearlArt Deco inspired square stud earrings

          The Deco collection is inspired by Art Deco, with its geometric shapes and bold lines, it boasted simplicity and strong contrasting colours. The pure decadence of Hollywood glamor and sophistication of Art Deco is a fashion that will never age. I'm going to start with the boys and show you some new cufflinks I have designed and made, ideal for the man about town! These designs are simple, yet bold and look amazing on a crisp white shirt!

Handmade Silver Deco Pinstripe Cufflinks ...Bold modern cufflinks with pinstripe designSilver and black cufflinks, with line detail


Handmade Silver Deco Double sided Rectangle Cufflinks ...

Double sided Art Deco cufflinks, contrasting black and silver.

two sided chain cufflinks, inspired by Art Deco.

Handmade Silver Deco Square Frame Cufflinks ...

modern funky handmade cufflinksSilver and black cufflinks, inspired by Art Deco                   These cufflinks will join the collection in my online shop, and if you have any questions and comments, I would love to hear from you! I also have new necklaces bangles and earrings coming soon.... watch this space! Louy x

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