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Looking back at past projects to inspire new.

Today I would like to take a step back and show you all some of my past work, in particular my degree work that I did whilst training at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery.

 Inspired by nature and the textures and forms found within it, my degree work was interested in the natural decay and weathering of materials when exposed to the elements and put under extreme pressure. I explored the different ways in which materials react to such processes, from the colours and patterns to the forms and shapes that occur naturally.

I aimed to stay true to the materials I used and pushed their qualities to almost breaking point to create a fragile, delicate aesthetic, which appears to have grown over time or that has been eaten away by weathering

By combining silver with copper and steel and plaster, I created pieces that highlight a material’s qualities and investigates its characteristics and the limits to which they can be pushed. Since leaving university and its endless supply resources it has been difficult for me to continue this collection of work, but things are looking up. Its only recently that I have had a dedicated space to do my jewellery and this has opened up a whole new scope of ideas, space and equipment. And so I am extremely excited to be in the workshop, playing about with ideas, mixed medias and chemicals to create some new exciting pieces for Louy Magroos, and I hope to be sharing these with you very soon.

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Mar 19, 2014

This work looks amazing Louy. I can’t wait to see what new pieces you will be coming up with in the future!


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