My Week As A Jeweller #16

August 21, 2013

Hi Gang, it's been a pretty hectic time at Louy Magroos, orders are streaming through (brilliant) and I am trying my best to get prepared for Christmas (yes already) but I don't seem to be getting very far with anything at the moment.

The phrase swimming through custard seems about right at the moment, but it's better than no sales and no money, so I am keeping my head down and getting on with it the best I can.

This is pretty much the only photo of my work I took this week, as it's been so crazy busy, but I did get a really nice commission that I had to make some cloud shapes for too...

I went for the middle design in the end, as the others seemed to look more like a hand or a flower after too long looking at them. I will share the finished piece next week when the customer has seen them.

The garden is finally starting to give us some treats back, it's been a bit neglected this year with us being away a lot but we have got carrots, beans, spring onions and blueberries all coming along nicely at the moment.

Bruce's new favourite thing is to find fox poo in the park and roll in it, so after his third bath in so many days neither him nor I were too impressed.

I have been doing a lot of work on Christmas forecasts this week because if I'm honest I am petrified at the thought of another Christmas like last year and I am twice as busy now than I was then. SO this fortune cookie sure rang true and made me remember that busy is good...

After a long and tiring week Mike and me sure needed a weekend to relax, turn off, and catch up with ourselves. So Bruce made sure he did his bit and took us on a lovely summer evening walk in the fields to help us unwind...

It did the trick!



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