My Week As A Jeweller #3

May 21, 2013

Hope you have all had a good week? It's been a crazy busy here and it is definitely wedding season...

I started off the week sending these Hand Tied Fly Cufflinks over to America for Melissa to give to her Husband-to-be on their wedding day....

fly fishing cufflinks

Melissa is planning well in advance as they don't get married until September 2014, but when she saw Firefly Silver and our cufflinks she just knew they would be the perfect gift.

You know that feeling of being watched?? Next doors cat is keen to pursue a career in Silversmithing.

Art Deco silver jewellery

It's always nice when an order pops into your inbox but this week a parcel of FIVE items went off to one lucky lady.



A while back I bought a succulent from IKEA and dropped it before I got out the car, about half the leaves fell off so I put them into little pots of soil and they all grew new plants so I have been giving away little plants to my friends and family. Definitely my type of plant, drop it and it grows back 6 more plants!


sunflower competion

Our sunflowers are starting to poke out!

personalised initials wedding cufflinks


wedding gifts


wedding gifts for the groom

And LOTS of Groomsmen cufflinks, there are going to be some very dapper looking men at weddings this month.

But none as cool as the Paul and his groomsmen here...beach wedding

We spent the weekend celebrating a wonderful couple, Paul and Kim and their perfect wedding in Bournemouth. Kim looked BEAUTIFUL, the sun shone, the sea glittered and the boys wore Louy Magroos!

groomsmen ushers best man cufflinks


Paul is the man behind my website, he makes it all work and doesn't shout at me when I ask the impossible.


And then after so much excitement Sunday night could only be spent one way...

Louy x

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