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My Week As A Jeweller #1

My name is Laura and I’m a rubbish blogger… there I said it!

Every couple of months I think, I’m really going to work hard at my blog, and then months go past and I don’t do anything, then I think, I’m really going to work hard on my blog… and so on.

I have never been one for writing, it’s not something that comes easily to me and I cringe at some of the things that I come up with so writing a blog is something that always gets put to the back of the list. What I do, do is take a lot of photos, and since I got a fancy new phone it's much easier for me to document my work as photographs. SO every Tuesday I am going to try my very hardest and post a round up of my favourite photos from the week so you can get a glimpse of what my week entails. And it shall be known as MY WEEK AS A JEWELLER… So here we go week #1…

Catching up with old friends Last weekend I caught up with my oldest schools friends in fancy London Town, these guys have been my friends since the beginning of Primary school and we always have a blast together!

Jewellers workbench

The sun finally started to shine and the workshop was flooded with light and warmth.

Personalised Wedding cufflinks

Wedding season is in full swing and cufflink orders are going through the roof. Making personalised gifts everyday makes you realise that there is a lot of love in the world...

Personalised cufflinks

AND THEN I GOT SHORTLISTED FOR AN AWARD BY NOT ON THE HIGH STREET!!! I am up for the STOREFrONT SUCCESS 2013 AWARD, I have stiff competition from 2 other sellers, but I am over the moon, beyond excited about being nominated...

Storedront Success Award

Gemma and Howard sent me some lovely photos from their wedding day where they were both wearing Louy Magroos (don't you just LOVE Gemma's hair)

Art Deco Wedding

I got a new toy, it's an ultrasonic cleaner for jewellery...

Jewellery workshop tools

And then we went on a lovely sunny walk to the Lickey Hills at the weekend...

Sunday walks

And Bruce climbed a tree...

Have a good week

x Louy x

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