Louy Magroos

The Christmas Blur

Hello all and a very happy New Year.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months since I last had a chance to blog. It has been a blur of late nights… early mornings… parcel being delivered… parcels been sent… happy tears… sad tears… hair pulling… long post office queues... sore fingers... singed fringes... and lots and lots of handmade Christmas gifts!

Busy Christmas at Louy Magroos

This time last year I was trying to build Louy Magroos along with part-time waitressing, and setting up home. I remember thinking I was very busy and that if all Christmases were like that I would be ok, and maybe one day I could rely solely on my business.

Well this Christmas blew last Christmas out of the water by October!

Thank you everyone for making 2012 brilliant, especially my wonderful boyfriend Mike who helped me every step of the way with not enough thanks, and my big sister Helen who is the best sticker, sticker-on-er in the world!

Louy Magroos Christmas ELves Thank you everyone who has supported Louy Magroos, purchased some jewellery or sent a me lovely message about my work this year! I value every sale I make, and do not take for granted you parting with your hard earned money for something I have made for you, so a million times THANK YOU :-) I’ve never been one for twiddling my thumbs so once the last parcel was sent I managed to finish knitting our Christmas stockings just in time for the big man himself to arrive, and bake a few festive treats too!!

Knitted Christmas Stockings

I will be back soon with new products and updating and improving the website, but until then I am off to enjoy the rest of New Years Day xx

A Louy Magroos Christmas

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