Louy Magroos

The day Kimble and Jasper learned to be a Silversmith

Louy Magroos has acquired two very eager to please apprentices today… I would like you to meet Kimble and Jasper!

These two terrors are staying with me this weekend while their Mum is away ghost hunting (yes she is mad).

They started the day very excited and raring to go …  

Jasper and Kimble

In fact I turned my back for a few moments and Jasper decided he could do a better job himself!

Jasper takes over

Today we have managed to make 4 pairs of these…

See you at 2pm cufflinks for weddings



1 pair of these…

custom made monogram cufflinks

A Deco Pearl Ring for Alice who is off to Switzerland next week as a bridesmaid for her best friends wedding… art deco inspired pearl ring, silver handmade



And finally a quick pair of these Deco Rectangle studs!

Art Deco inspired handmade silver jewelry

But Kimble is a little bored of making jewellery now and has been trying to convince me it’s time for a break.

AHndmade silver Jewellery

So while I write this blog Kimble is keeping watch for Mike to come home from work so they can go and play, thanks for your help boys!

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