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Personalised 'Marry Me' Cufflinks

Anyone thinking of proposing this leap year?

A leap year only comes around every 4 years, and in Britain it’s tradition that on that extra day on the 29th February, it is ‘allowed’ for women to propose.Girls asking boys to marry themimage source

One of the theories of where this custom originated is that way back in the 5th Century, St. Bridget complained about women having to wait too long for men to propose to St. Patrick.

A very clever 5 year old, Queen Mary of Scotland, supposedly introduced fines in 1288 for men that didn’t accept the proposals; the material for a skirt, 12 pairs of gloves, or a kiss would at least go some way to making you feel better about it guess!

asking a boy to marry youimage source

These days it seems a little archaic for women to be ‘allowed’ to propose on just one specific day every four years, but it is a tradition, and weddings are nothing if not full of traditionsleap year traditions

These old posters from the 20th Century suggest it’s a little unladylike and desperate to propose, but if you just can’t wait then what’s to stop you?

I think deep down all girls want to be proposed to, but I think this is a fun tradition, and why not do the asking!

Whether you’re a girl or a boy, asking someone to marry you is such a massive decision, it should definitely be romantic, 100% personal, and a massive deal whatever day of the year!

With this is mind I have made an extra special pair of Handmade Silver Personalised cufflinks especially for all those girls who want to do the proposing.

proposing to a man

proposing to a boyengagement giftYou can have whatever message you want on these, so you can add a name, or a personalised message to make them unique to you and your Husband-to-be for no extra cost. You can even add a date or short message on the reverse of the cufflinks, perhaps a secret for just the two of you. They will even come in handy on the big day, and be the ideal finishing touch to his outfit.

Who knows, come March I might have some Brides-to-be and their proposal stories to share with you…GOOD LUCK x x

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