Louy Magroos

Christmas is coming early for Louy!

I'm so EXCITED, My workbench that has been designed and made especially for me is nearly finished!

My Dad and our friend, Ken, have been working hard to design and weld together a custom made workbench for me, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! So excited in fact, that I snuck over to take a quick peek today and take a photo to share with you…

Traditional jewellers Bench

Traditional Handmade JewelleryFor those of you that are not familiar with a traditional jewellers bench, they have a semi-circular cut out where the jeweller sits with a ‘peg’ to support the work. They also traditionally have a skin hung under the semi-circle, which not only protects the jewellers lap from hot metal, but also catches all the silver filings and off cuts for recycling back into something beautiful Handmade Silver JewelleryNext job is to attach the draws that Mike and I sanded down from an old printers desk, add a worktop complete with peg, hang the skin! Then there is no stopping me getting all those Christams orders out in style this festive period!! Hopefully have some finished photos to share next week, Louy x

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