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Ring Sizing

The most difficult thing about buying a ring online is being sure you are getting the size correct. It can be even more difficult if you are buying for a friend, therefore I have come up with some simple ways of finding your size and tips on buying a ring.

Five ways to measure you finger

How to find your ring size1. Using a paper ring sizer… the most inaccurate and my least favourite of them all. The internet is full of printable ring charts that you can lay a ring over and find your ring size. The trouble with these charts are that depending on your printer you will get a different size reading because you rely on your computer and printer not to scale the chart differently.measuring your ring size 2. Belt sizers… these are also available online to purchase, but give only a slightly more accurate reading. The thickness of the paper mean that they are flimsy and give a false reading. best way to measure your ring size3. Visit a jewellers…Possibly the easiest way to find your ring size is to visit the highstreet. You might not find the unique and handcrafted jewellery you wish to find in most commercial jewellers, but most are happy to measure your ring size for free, just sound a little interested in something in the shop, get sized then scarper! online guide to ring sizing4. Use an old faithful…Measure the diameter of an existing ring that fits like a dream, Perfect if you are buying for a friend; all you need to do is sneak into their jewellery box with a ruler or calliper while they are out…easy! Be sure to measure carefully and as precisely as possible, the measurement you need is the inside diameter (from the widest point to the widest point inside the ring). Don’t include the thickness of the band!! Then use the chart below to find your correct ring size, or contact me to do it for you . help me find my ring size5. Do it like the professionals…this is how I was taught at university. A) Using a small piece of wire (a flattened out a paper clip works), make a loop, as round as possible. B) Side the loop on and off the finger and twist the wire to tighten gradually until you find a comfortable fit, taking into account your knuckles how to measure your ring size help ring sizing  





ring size guide


C) Slide off the ring and snip open.

D) Flatten out the loop

E) Measure the length of the wire you have just flattened out to find out the circumference of you finger.

measure your finger

Now just use the chart below to find your correct ring size, or contact me to do it for you .

uk and us ring size chart diameter and circumference


Finger shapes

Also it is really  important to understand your finger shape, we are all different but we tend to fall into one of three categories.


perfect ring for larger fingers, size and shape guide
This Bellis stacker ring is perfect for larger shape fingers, having a large adornment makes the fingers look smaller by masking the largest part of the finger, and the flower makes it extra girly.

1. Big… Big doesn’t always mean chubby or stocky fingers, it just means that the part of the finger where the ring will sit is the widest part. If you have this shape of finger then the knuckle is smaller and will therefore not stop a ring from sliding off. A tighter fit of ring is usually the best option as it will not slide off easily and given a week or so, the ring normally finds a comfortable position on the finger… just don’t got too tight, you don’t want to cut off the blood circulation!



finding the perfect size and shape ring for you
I would highly recommend this Deco Pearl ring for you if you have the average finger shape. The modern design is sure to be noticed and the pearl sits off centre, creating a balance between the knuckle and finger.

2. Average… Now nobody wants to be average but when it come to rings it’s the easiest to be. The average finger has knuckles just slightly lager than the part of the finger where the ring will sit. Therefore a ring that fits slightly tightly over the knuckle will sit comfortably on the finger and not slide off. If your are this shape it is important to take into consideration your knuckle when measuring, be sure to slide the measurer on and off over the knuckle to be sure it will fit.



perfect gift for a gift if you dont know the ring size, or if you have swollen knuckles
Rings such as this Asymetrical Art Deco U-ring, are ideal for small fingers but also for gifts or people who suffer with swelling joints as it is an open ring. Because of its unusual shape it can be slightly adjusted to suit the wearer and their finger shape. It also looks amazing!
3. Small… The trickiest to get right, but these tips will help you find the perfect ring. Small fingers have a much skinnier part where the ring sits and bigger knuckles. This means that a ring that fits easily over the knuckle can be baggy and spin around when in place on the finger. A ring with an all over design, means that the ring can spin around and it wont spoil the design. Thinner bands are easier to get over the knuckle, so a smaller size can be ordered. Another tip is to get a ring with a rounded inside, the ring is much simpler to get over a larger knuckle and cushions itself to the finger when worn, making it much more comfortable to wear. Another option is to place small beads of silver inside of the ring at the bottom of the shank, this gives a little more contact to the finger and reduces the size, but only in a few areas, making it possible to still fit over the knuckle.  

If you need anymore help or advice just ask, I am always happy to help! And remember if you do get the wrong size, don’t worry it is easily fixed, Louy x


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