New workshop coming along nicely!

September 02, 2011 1 Comment

2 months in and I'm finally making progress with the new workshop!

Ok so the walls are a bit white and bare and not everything has a place yet, but I am getting there, and I thought I would share my progress with you. Here is how it looked at the beginning…

Workshop for my handmade jewellery

Not the most inspiring of rooms....

my new jewelry workshop

A few trips to Ikea, and a helping hand from mike and his "everything-must-have-a-place" rules later.... and TA DA, I have a space to work!

setting up a jewelry workshop at home

Well this is half true, I have a little more work to do on the workbench side of the room...Waiting for new jewellery workbench I have a brand new workbench in the pipeline which will take pride of place in the workshop, I am building my own, with a little help from my Dad and a friend who is a master at welding. Im so excited about it as its being made especially for me and my own requirements, there will be no excuses not to be working as hard as possible once its finished and set up! So for now I am off to sand down some draws for it... custom built jewellery workbench Whilst I waiting for the workbench I will be daydreaming about what colours to paint the room, any suggestions? Louy x  

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June 16, 2014

Not sure about the "LITTLE bit of help form my Dad………. bit

Dad :-)

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