Weddings, DIY and Handmade are always the best!

May 28, 2011

Wedding season is nearly upon us and this year I am more involved than ever!

More often than not for Louy Magroos I am working on someting for a wedding, whether it be beautiful wedding bouquet charms, personalised cufflinks for the groomsmen, or a perfect little gift for a flower girls. (all available in my shop of course!!) Wedding Bouquet Charms

perfect gift for the groom men, customised wedding gifts

Ideal thank you gifts for bridesmaids

But this year my beautiful big sister Helen is getting married and I am in charge of all things handmade!

Louy Magroos handmade weddings

My Bridesmaid duties started early for this wedding, the most difficult being keeping the secret of the proposal! Anyone with a sister will know how dificult it is to keep a secret from them, but I managed, partially because I was away travelling at the time and had very little internet or phone signal!

These last few months we have been hard at work designing and making the wedding invitations and I wanted to share them with you... because I think they are pretty fancy!

Next job is to get making the grooms men cufflinks!      

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