Louy Magroos

Christmas Round Up 2013

A bit of a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all !!!

It all went by in a bit of a blur, but it was another super busy Christmas for Louy Magroos, THANK YOU to everyone who commissioned, or bought a gift. I have had lots of lovely feedback from happy people already and it's exciting to think of how many trees - all over the world- had a little Louy Magross box underneath it on Christmas morning. After a busy couple of months there was lots of lovely family time for me, and a First 'proper' Christmas for Bruce! Last year he spent it in the dogs home and this year he kept me company when I wanted to throw my jewellery bench out the window, he made forts out of the endless parcels, he took me on walks when I needed to clear my head, he gave me cuddles when I was tired and made us all laugh on Christmas Day (see last video). But the real big thank you, as always goes to MIKE, YOU ARE SIMPLY, THE BEST. You let me text you at work when I have sold a record number of things, you let me sulk when I have had a quiet day. You never laugh when I say in all seriousness, I may as well get a proper job, give up, and I don't want to do it anymore, but simply suggest I give it a few more days and see how I feel then. You help me whenever and wherever you can, even though I am way too over protective about my business and don't like to ask for it. You have helped me through the scary business side of things, and get excited over spreadsheets that I don't even understand. AND IM GOING TO MARRY THE FACE OFF YOU THIS YEAR x thank you! So anyway here are some photos of the whirlwind that is Christmas at Louy Magroos…  


:-S My Week (couple of months) As A Jeweller

Sooo it seems I gave up on my weekly photo blog, but in my defence I have been a little bit poorly since my last post and I haven’t felt much like blogging lately.

I went and got myself kidney stones and I can confirm they are the most horrid of things, and I definitely don't want them ever again! When you work for yourself it's pretty tough being ill and not being able to work, and it makes for pretty boring blogs too. I have spent the last little while in and out of hospital, resting up, learning to make myself drink a lot more, and getting in some jewellery making whenever I could. But I am all fixed and back, good as new now so I thought I would just let my photos of the last couple of months give you a quick round up of what I have been up to...

... So there we go all caught up and ready for Christmas!

I think it's safe to say I won't have change to do a weekly blog over Christmas but I will try to do a round up when I can, in the mean time why not follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get the very latest from what I have been up to.

See you soon x

My Week As A Jeweller #16

Hi Gang, it's been a pretty hectic time at Louy Magroos, orders are streaming through (brilliant) and I am trying my best to get prepared for Christmas (yes already) but I don't seem to be getting very far with anything at the moment.

The phrase swimming through custard seems about right at the moment, but it's better than no sales and no money, so I am keeping my head down and getting on with it the best I can.

This is pretty much the only photo of my work I took this week, as it's been so crazy busy, but I did get a really nice commission that I had to make some cloud shapes for too...

I went for the middle design in the end, as the others seemed to look more like a hand or a flower after too long looking at them. I will share the finished piece next week when the customer has seen them.

The garden is finally starting to give us some treats back, it's been a bit neglected this year with us being away a lot but we have got carrots, beans, spring onions and blueberries all coming along nicely at the moment.

Bruce's new favourite thing is to find fox poo in the park and roll in it, so after his third bath in so many days neither him nor I were too impressed.

I have been doing a lot of work on Christmas forecasts this week because if I'm honest I am petrified at the thought of another Christmas like last year and I am twice as busy now than I was then. SO this fortune cookie sure rang true and made me remember that busy is good...

After a long and tiring week Mike and me sure needed a weekend to relax, turn off, and catch up with ourselves. So Bruce made sure he did his bit and took us on a lovely summer evening walk in the fields to help us unwind...

It did the trick!